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Live Powerpoints, Q & A 

Webinars are open to anyone who registers and meet once for an hour focusing on topics involving emotional challenges and skills.


Webinars take place online, last one hour, and are open to anyone who registers regardless of gender. Each webinar will be focused on emotional understanding in relationships.  Powerpoint presentations and group discussion. The cost is $35.00 per person.  Donation and free tickets also available. 

Monday thru Friday 2-3 p.m.  Click on the calendar to the left to explore topics.


Podcasts & Videos
These online recordings, allowing you to listen or watch at your leisure to The experience of life as an relationship.  They offer challenges and support for developing healthy relationships from difficult to healing.  They include suggestions for daily practices to strengthen and enliven your family or couple.  Free.

Blogs & Daily Quotes
These brief readings speak to a wide variety of relationship dynamics including life and death, couples, siblings, parents, addiction, fathering, mothering, happiness, spirituality, and economics.   Free.