About The Father Connection

What We Offer

Helping men remain healthy, strong, playful fathers.

The Father Connection (TFC) is part of the evolution of emotionally healthy fathers, children and families.   TFC teams with individuals and groups to expand male emotional wisdom and stability.  This happens through a focus on individual understanding and practice. 

Over the past fifty years as a counselor, Bob Rannigan has developed insight and understanding into the emotional distance and numbing many men experience.  His professional and personal life have guided his work with men, their wives and children in reversing this isolation by nurturing emotional confidence  

TFC works  This growth is achieved thru focus on the father's role in making healthy emotional development a heritage.   TFC offers practical insight and skill development for all men and families interested in closer, joyful emotional connection.

Mindfulness, meditation and emotional awareness are tools TFC uses and teaches for healing and growth.  Boys and men who develop skill with these tools understand and use loving kindness in their relations with themselves, their children, wives, families.