This site helps men be healthy, strong, playful fathers.

About The Father Connection

What We Offer

The Father Connection (TFC) is an outgrowth of understanding about fathers and children and their relationships.   In the past fifty years a great deal of insight has been gained and shared about this topic.  Bob Rannigan has emerged as a specialist in healing and growth for fathers and children.

Bob is a psychotherapist/father-educator specializing in men's emotional development. His professional and personal life have guided his work with men, their wives and families.  TFC has an overall goal of helping in the raising of healthy boys and men.  Bob works helping men and boys heal from unhealed wounds in their childhoods.  These wounds are traceable sources of conflict, confusion and feelings of powerless vulnerability.

Mindfulness, meditation and emotional awareness are tools Bob uses and teaches for healing and growth.  Boys and men who develop skill with these tools understand and use loving kindness in their relations with themselves, their children, wives, families.